HIITCAST 029: Health risks of sitting ... even if you exercise!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I am joined by my long-time friends from the ACSM Northwest Chapter: Dr. Katie Taylor, Annika Vähk, and my newest friend Emily Dunston! Recorded from the Minneapolis Convention Center during the ACSM 2018 Annual Meeting, I ask them about the research they're presenting, what they've been up to, and the future work coming out of their labs!

Annika tells us about her research in skin fold accuracy, and her current work in sports nutrition and college athletes with metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Taylor tells us about her work in exercise and cardiovascular disease, as well as exercise and irritable bowel disorders. ...Plus, we talk about the value of walking and avoiding long bouts of sitting! It's bad for you, don't do it! Walk around even for a few minutes every now and then while you're at work!

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