HIITCAST 032 - Lynnsee Moberg, MS, RD, CSSD

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Reach Lynnsee at lynnsee.moberg@gmail.com if you're interested in some of her meal plans!

In this episode, Adam and I talk to my good friend Lynnsee, who has her master's degree, RD licensure, and CSSD certification, and works with elite athletes and air force active duty to prepare them for top nutrition. She's mastered the art and science of athletic meal plans so I invited her to the show to ask her how she does it, and her personal criteria for a successful meal plan! She sets the record straight that she's not making menus or sending cookie cutter plans, but makes it about the client and their behaviors and reasons behind their food habits.

We debunk the myth about "eating carbs after dark". Do night-time carbs store as fat easier? We tackle that one in our bro science bullshit segment, as well as other valuable nutrition tips throughout the episode!

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