HIITCAST Season 2, Ep 57: Pedals on your Bike

In this episode, Dr Lankford and I talk about common misunderstandings among fitness professionals. We start by addressing "lactic acid" and how it's used so regularly ... while not necessarily being the most accurate description. And then the conversation turns into fitness business stuff, and how fitness professionals often feel the influences of the fitness industry defining/limiting their talents and skills. Eli proposes an interesting and profound analogy that an exercise science degree is like a bike without pedals - that on its own it's nearly impossible to be productive. But that we must attach out own pedals to that bike to really make it take off. In what ways do you attach pedals to your bike? Let us know the coolest and most creative things you're doing personally, or that you've experienced among fitness professionals, to develop and push health and fitness into a better space!

The "Key Point" that caused the double take, to which we devoted about half this podcast episode :)

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