HIITCAST S2 E58: Blood Flow Occlusion and Resistance Training

Dr. Lankford and I invite special guest, Dr. Rob Thiebaud to the show to discuss his research and expertise in blood flow occlusion and resistance training!

We talk about what blood flow occlusion, or blood flow restriction, is all about, how it works, and why the research on this strategy is so fascinating!

Some of the highlights from this conversation include:

  • Blood flow occlusion is a strategy used during resistance training to trigger muscle hypertophy

  • Blood flow occlusion can be used to support low-intensity training instead of higher intensity protocols for hypertophy, useful during rehabilitation, especially if muscle wasting occurred as a result of an injury

  • Blood flow occlusion works by:

  1. Partially limiting arterial blood flow to active muscle, supporting the hypertrophic responses from hypoxia for greater recruitment of Type II fibers

  2. Blood pooling in the active muscle

  3. Restricting venous return and holding onto metabolic waste

For more research on this topic, here are some articles sent over to us by Dr. Thiebaud:

BFR Position Stand


Application of BFR


Practical BFR and Hypertrophy


BFR for Athletes Review Article


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blood flow restriction during resistance training?

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