Is this a good time to exercise?

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Does exercise weaken your immune system?

I've seen questions and claims across the internet lately that exercise can weaken your immune system because of oxidative stress and muscle damage causing inflammation and pulling resources from your immune system and spreading it thin.

So if there's a viral pandemic, would avoiding physical activity be the safest and healthiest option? Or does physical activity strengthen your immune system?

Physical activity does many good things for your health, and can support your immune system. Avoiding exercise and choosing a sedentary lifestyle can actually result in a low-grade, chronic inflammation, which is counterproductive for immune health (Farrell, Joyner, & Caiozzo, 2012).

Specifically, physical activity helps to circulate lymphocytes, and produce certain cytokines from muscle tissue (known as myokines) that serve metabolic and anti-inflammatory roles (Farrell, Joyner, & Caiozzo, 2012).

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