After attending research conferences from the ACSM and NSCA at both the regional and national level, as well as creative conferences like Adobe Max, WPPI, and PPC for multiple years, Dr Bennion is able to provide a contemporary science-based and artistic approach toward teaching you the science of how your body works in response to fitness. Additionally, his doctoral emphasis was in education and learning theories, and he's been a university instructor across multiple health and exercise science courses since 2012, making him not only passionate about exercise science, but also toward being the most effective teacher you've ever had in learning the answers to your biggest health and fitness questions!

  • Founder and owner of Fitness & Physiology

  • 2020 President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine

    • Board member of RMACSM 2015 - 2020

  • 2020 editorial board for the American College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Journal​

  • Host of the exercise science podcast, HIITCAST

  • Masters level instructor in the Kinesiology Department for ATSU in exercise physiology, sports nutrition, and advanced sports nutrition

  • Co-creator of Olympic trail-mix for US athletes in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

  • Internationally published metabolism researcher, and internationally published photographer

  • BS in Exercise Science, MS in Kinesiology and Doctorate in Health Science

  • Exercise science research speaker at:

    • 2014 ACSMNW Annal Meeting

    • 2015 ATSU Health Promotion Conference

    • 2017, 2018, 2019 ATSU Kinesiology Institute

    • 2020 RMACSM Annual Meeting

    • 2020 ACSM's International Health & Fitness Summit

    • 2020 ACSMNW Annual Meeting

  • Exercise physiology metabolism researcher:

    • 2010 - Variations in the intensity of exercise eliciting maximum fat use in college aged males 

    • 2012 - The energy expenditure of ballroom dance

    • 2013 - Comparison of cluster-set training to traditional strength training and power training protocols

    • 2013 - Comparison of three resistance training protocols on magnitude and duration of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

    • 2014 - Efficacy of a ketogenic diet on high-intensity anaerobic style fitness 

    • 2014 - Comparison of maximal aerobic capacity after 6-weeks of CrossFit training versus steady-state endurance training 

    • 2014 - Effect of Nitric Balance-SM on maximal aerobic capacity and time to exhaustion among well-trained runners 

    • 2015 -  Childhood obesity: A public health solution in rural Oklahoma 

    • 2017 -  Comparison of Practical Sprint Interval Training Protocols on Body Composition Changes among Recreationally Fit Women 



For the past half decade JJ has worked in the dietary supplement realm with an expertise in FDA regulations. He has witnessed the good, the bad, and the ugly of the supplement industry, and is driven to promote real science and education in the fitness and nutrition industries.