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"I am so grateful to Dr. Bennion for helping me train for my marathon in the Swiss Alps. Taking on that kind of distance at high altitude was new to me, and frankly, I was nervous. I needed an expert to guide me through my training and Dr. Bennion did just that. He was great at really looking into my specific needs and formulating a program that would optimize my performance. The education received through his program not only helped me with this race, but of course, with all other future races. I gained a better understand of my body and how to recognize gaps in my training - gaps that when filled with the right dietary and physical exertion guidelines, produced surprisingly wonderful results. I could not believe how great I felt upon completion of my race.  It was fantastic. A big thanks to Dr. Bennion and the entire fitnphys team."

-Jillian J.


"Trev! You have been so helpful with helping my health and fitness growth. For years, I'm talking 15+ years, I've been getting what doctors had labeled as exertional migraines. As a kid in elementary school, all this really meant to me was that during gym class I'd get such a migraine I'd end up throwing up in the nurses office. As an active high school sports athlete, this meant trips to the ER post volleyball games and swim meets from pain being so bad. And in college, while getting my degree in exercise science, the more knowledge I gained, the more I thought, there just has to be a better way.


However, even with my degree and the jobs in the health and fitness field I've had, no one could quite figure out why I got migraines almost EVERY TIME I worked out. I could help others reach their health and fitness goals, but couldn't figure out how to reach my own because of this limitation.


Then I found Fitness & Physiology! WOW! What a life changer you have been. You've taught me so much when it comes to sports nutrition that it has literally changed my life. You gave me more sustained energy at the gym, helped me lose weight, and taught me what I should be eating and when, which allowed me to push myself as much as I like to at the gym. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for the positive impact you've had on my life. My migraines I was getting when I would even begin to remotely push myself would always force me to stop my workouts. Thanks to your program you wrote for me, that I knew I could trust, I can push myself as hard as I want at the gym and still feel great afterwards. Seriously Trev, I can't thank you enough. Thank you for everything you taught me."

-April O.

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"Dr. Bennion is the real deal. He knows the difference between fads and real science because he has studied it under a microscope. He was able to debunk all the fake science I had in my head and helped me take my fitness and dance training to the next level in a tailored way. I feel like I've stumbled onto a secret weapon! I look forward to making more progress as I continue to work with Dr. Bennion."

-Lissy L.

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I’ll never forget when you taught that fat burns in a carbohydrate’s flame. I feel lucky to have had you as my teacher.

-Tyler B.


"I loved this program and how directive it was. I struggle with dieting when there isn't someone or something there to tell me exactly what to eat or do and that's something I loved about this program. I had no problem losing the weight and it was nice to see for a change results that lasted. I would recommend this to anyone who just wants to buckle down to lose that unwanted weight and improve their confidence. It's easy to follow and completely geared for each individual and their needs. Absolutely loved it!"

-Erica K.

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